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MMT 2023 Return: +12.66%
MMT 2022 Return: +20.67%
MMT 2021 Return: +12.56%
MMT 2020 Return: +42.30%

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A few testimonials from our Members!

– some testimonials were edited only for proper grammar and brevity –

I was using fibtimer for years before I found MMT. After the first year I cancelled my fibtimer subscription and switched to you guys for life. I can't believe how accurate your signals are. I'll never need another service. I'm a member for life now you better believe it!

Ed S.

How did you nail that downturn? The largest downturn in years and somehow you nailed it. WTF. Must say congrats and I am so happy I shorted when you told me to!

Samesh H.

Guys, I am amazed. I was skeptical about signing up but wow! After years of either losing or breaking even, you saved me from a huge loss this Feb. I actually profited! I wish you still offered the lifetime membership...

Tony V.

Thank you for continually improving your site. I really appreciate the new features! One thing I can say is that I have been dissapointed in many online "trading sites". Unlike other sites your gains are real. Glad I found you.

Lindsay F.

...your service is really helping my overall net worth! Keep up the good job! Sincerely,

Alvin P.

...I absolutely love your mechanical system. I am a member to a few market timing sites, but all of the other ones always have these large drawdowns. Your strategy works for me with small drawdowns and much larger gains. Also, your signals are easy to understand.

Richard D.

...I would like to personally thank you for providing us with such a valuable service. I am finally making money again.


...You have developed a truly remarkable system! I am now making up the losses from using these other incompetent market timing services. Your method is the bomb! All the best in year 2013 and onward.

Regards, S.

...Love it when your system captures all the large gains. I can deal with small losses here and there.


...awesome system. I hope to be a member for many years down the road! I just don't want to miss out on any future trades. Have a wonderful week!


...just want to thank you much for the professional guidance you provide to us small investors. Your service is the best I have ever encountered, and I've been trading for many years! All the best,


...A friend of mine in the Air Force alerted me to your service. He was very impressed and said he was profiting from it. After my review, this was exactly what I have been looking for -- a non-emotional and mechanical (or analytical) way to trade the market. I will help spread the word to my fellow workers.


...As a newbie to your service I am very pleased with it. There were a few small losses, but wow that large gain was sweet! :)


....thank you for explaining how the system works. I was a little confused at first, but understand how I am to proceed. You operate a very professional service.


...I am pleased of the performance of MMT's mechanical system. The trading signals are more profitable and I understand there will never be large drawdowns. This is wonderful news!!


...I have been trading mostly SPY using your system for almost a year now, and can't believe the returns I am finally making in the stock market.


...I have been a member to a few market timing sites, and have to say your mechanical system is really in-tune!


...One word defines your system -- "Amazing!!" Keep up the excellent work!


...Based on how well your system has been performing, you guys could ask a lot more for the subscription costs - though glad also that it is affordable for small investors like myself.


"Timing is everything." - Ray Dalio, Principles: Life and Work